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welcome to laodikeia At about 900 metres high, on the southern side of the Tahtali mountain in the Beydaglari national park in Turkey, you will find the ruines of the ancient Lycian city of Laodikeia. The only reference to Laodikeia can be found at a pillar in Patara, commisioned by the roman emperor Claudius when he took a full survey of the Lycian roads.
Laodikeia is thought to be founded in 45 AD, at about the same time as the well known city of Olympos. It lies on a steep slope at a height of about 900 to 1100 metres. At that time water was in abundance and the location of the city makes sense. Since there have been two major earthquakes in the area at about 141 AD and 242 AD, not much of the city is standing as it was.
Laodikeia is not well known and therefore is completly void of any tourist (or anyone for that matter) and completly overgrown. To get there you must either know your way around Tathali mountain, or find someone who does. Getting there means a rough hike through the wilderness of the mountain.

This website does not claim to be historically correct, in fact, it claims nothing at all, it is just here to share the unspoiled beauty of Laodikeia.

So enter the gate and enjoy !
I have found little to no resources on the internet about Laodikeia, all speak of other places bearing the same name. The only site I know of that mentions Laodikeia on Tahtali mountain is a german site : www.beycik.de. There you will find some more info about Laodikeia and some pictures. They can also be contacted for guided tours to the city.

If there are people out there who can tell me more, I can be reached at laodikeia mail.
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